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As homeschool parents ourselves, we know how important it is for our children to have a learning experience that fits their own unique needs.

Our mission is to provide multiple options for all different types of learners, whether that be through our outdoor, hands-on learning days or by joining our online collaborative community of virtual learners. We strive to meet each child where they are at to help support them on their learning journey.

Come explore with us!

Outdoor Class


manroe - remy

Lead Educator

Morgan Driskill

Enrollment & Billing coordinator 

Alison Remy (Ms. Ali) is our lead educator and family liasion.

She is mother to three children, Channing (9), Piper (6) and baby Finley.

Morgan Driskill is our enrollment and billing coordinator. She also handles all website and group maintenance as well as charter relations.

She is mother to two children, Ezra (10) and Nora (6).

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